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What is RadioPilot?

RadioPILOT is an Internet-based system designed for delivering and managing large amounts of rich media content (such as video and audio) to consumers over the World Wide Web. RadioPILOT is built using AVALAR's proprietary SitePILOT website platform and is licensed in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of Internet radio, video, and terrestrial radio markets. The system is comprised of two parts, a public broadcasting "station" web site and a password protected content manager.

RadioPILOT solves several major problems for rich media content producers and aggregators; how to organize and deliver rich content to consumers via the web in a compelling manner; how to create and manage web site traffic; how to enhance visitor experience and consequently, derive revenue through ad sales.

RadioPILOT websites provide links for listening to and/or viewing live content as well as archived programs based on a schedule managed through the administrative web site. RadioPILOT easily organizes and displays content to support complex entertainment environments; episode, host, program and channel descriptions; calendars and events; community building through membership, topical discussions and automated messaging; and advertisements.

Search engines cannot index rich media as effectively as they do traditional text-based web content. RadioPILOT optimizes search structure for difficult-to-categorize rich media content by blending a categorical hierarchy with compelling html descriptions at all levels of each and every web element -- delivering an easy-to-browse media experience that is highly optimized for individual searchers as well as search engines.


The RadioPILOT solution provides several benefits over traditional web development approaches.

  • Rapid Deployment: Your web site launches in a couple of weeks rather than several months. All that is required to develop a web site on RadioPILOT is a custom graphic design to create the web site template.
  • Value: Easy-to-use, powerful features and a solid track record combined with low development and operating costs makes RadioPILOT a superb value, saving you thousands of dollars over traditional development methods.
  • Scalability: RadioPILOT grows with you from small to super-huge. The database structure of RadioPILOT eliminates the complexity issues of managing large systems and is designed to help partition the operating workload securely across an organization.
  • Flexibility: RadioPILOT is easy and affordable to customize, allowing for the addition of new features and capabilities at any stage. As new media types and business paradigms emerge, RadioPILOT easy adapts.
  • Private Branding: RadioPILOT websites are branded to customer specifications allowing custom colors and graphics. In addition, one of RadioPILOT's most powerful features is the ability to repurpose media content across a variety of privately branded websites, creating the ability to target specific markets or segments with unique branding or identity.


The RadioPILOT software system consists of two distinct Internet web sites; an audio and streaming video "station" web site for public access and an "administrative" web site for content management.

Broadcasting Station Website

The public web site or Internet broadcasting "station" supports unlimited channels with unlimited programs (shows). The station has a custom home page designed for the target market with jump links into featured channels, and programs. Each channel has a home page and a program guide giving up to the minute relevant information about what programs are playing live, and what's coming up later in the day. The program guide shows a weekly calendar of programs, what time they appear and information about each program and its host(s) or cast.

The station web site provides links for listening and/or viewing live content as well as to archived programs based on the schedule set forth in by the administrative web site.

Each program on the web site has a collection of pages; a show home page, an episode archive summary, and a detail page for each archived episode that contains links for play back of recorded episodes. Access to media content on the website can be restricted to those that have opted-in to the email permission marketing system.

The station web site has a join feature for building database collecting personal information about web site visitors, which is integrated into the email permission marketing system. It is also possible to restrict access to archived episodes to only members who have joined.

The station web site contains various web pages for the purpose providing 'about us' information, contact information, copyright information, and self-promotion features.

Password Protected Content Manager

This is the web site for control and administration of the station and program content. The site provides two levels of access: The first level for show hosts and producers only allows access to content contained on the show pages for a given host/producer. The second level is for station management and gives the same access that host/producers have for all shows with the addition of features for managing all elements of the station web site, including adding host/producers, adding channels, adding shows, scheduling shows, etc.

The RadioPILOT content manager interface is easy to manage without the need to know html or other complex programming languages -- giving you the power to control your web site, making your own updates and additions in real time -- no more waiting "for the web guy."


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