AVALAR, Extraordinary Website Technology

SitePILOT, AVALAR's Extraordinary Competitive Advantage

AVALAR's SitePILOT website software platform combines all of the benefits of custom design with the reliability of time-tested systems and the affordability of off-the-shelf software. This creates a competitive advantage that can't be matched by any traditional website development approach. Read on to learn about SitePILOT, what it is, how it works and most importantly, how AVALAR with its SitePILOT advantage can make your website project a huge success.

What is SitePILOT?

SitePILOT is a development platform containing all of the ingredients required to jumpstart the creation of new and powerful interactive web sites. When we build a website we start every project with our SitePILOT platform which provides all the features and functionality common to all websites. Instead of reinventing the wheel, our design team can focus on the application specific requirements of each project.

SitePILOT Architecture

SitePILOT contains a proprietary web site engine which generates and delivers web pages (HTML code) to website visitors. This engine is programmed to understand the various elements of the website design such as framework, navigation and page content, combining and delivering these elements in real time. All of the site elements are stored in a database that is customized and extended to meet the specific needs of each project.

The SitePILOT content manager gives our clients access to all page content data and custom data to operate their website. This intuitive and easy-to-use system allows laypeople (those not familiar with HTML or web technology) to make updates and additions to the website without the assistance of an expensive web developer. The cost savings of this content manager can not be overstated when one considers that for successful websites, over 90% of expense occurs after project launch due to content changes.

The SitePILOT content manager is a password protected website allowing organizations to specify access by person and specific element of the website or database. By allowing content authors to make changes directly, considerable efficiencies are attained. With SitePILOT, you will learn that it is much easier to do yourself rather than to tell "the web guy" to do it and wait for results.

Baked in to SitePILOT and available for each website project are Avalar's PilotTools. This set of optional and configurable web tools add features such as website membership (MemberPILOT), email permission marketing (SendPILOT) and ecommerce (CartPILOT). These web tools are integrated into SitePILOT as needed based on project requirements and business objectives.

How SitePILOT Works for You...

  • Easy to Use and Manage: The SitePILOT content manager is easy to use, making website operation a snap.
  • Dynamic Website: Make updates and additions as frequently as you want to ensure content freshness and accommodate growth. Your website won't be a static "been there, done that" experience. Create a new and compelling experience for your customers and prospects each time they visit your website.
  • Shorter Development Cycle: Because we don't reinvent the wheel for each website, we provide a much faster completion cycle.
  • Private Branding: Your website is branded to your specifications with graphics, colors, and layout. In addition, Avalar's optional "skins" technology allows you to clone your website and target specific markets with alternately branded websites, all running on the same system.
  • Affordable: SitePILOT is an incredible value with so much functionality. As we are able to reuse SitePILOT, we pass the savings on to you.
  • Flexible: SitePILOT design methodologies provide for real-time changes and enhancing designs as your business needs change.
  • Scalable: SitePILOT is designed and built with industrial strength technology and runs on state-of-the-art servers.
  • Reliable: SitePILOT is time-tested with millions of site visitors and hits. You can be sure your website will standup to the virtual elements of the Internet.