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World Talk Radio Ripe for Acquisition

SEATTLE, WA -- 2/8/07 -- Avalar LLC, a web development and marketing services firm, today learned that current client World Talk Radio has been acquired by publicly-held Modovox, Inc. and is now part of the world's largest internet talk radio network. Details of the acquisition may be obtained at http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/070308/20070308005650.html?.v=1

The existing World Talk Radio network was built using AVALAR's RadioPILOT media system, implementing World Talk Radio's website and content management tools. AVALAR has hosted World Talk Radio's website and media server since its inception April 2003, streaming 24/7 and delivering talk radio programming to millions of listeners.

"Our services provided World Talk Radio with the key business elements they needed to grow," said Dan Ohlemacher, President and CEO of AVALAR. "Our innovative technology and guidance sowed the seed for World Talk Radio -- which ultimately grew to this recent acquisition."

Although specific plans have not been announced in detail, it is believed that the World Talk name and successful shows and channels developed under AVALAR's tutelage will be preserved at WorldTalkRadio.com.

"AVALAR has been an essential component and instrumental in helping World Talk Radio build our business," said Ed Keyes, President of World Talk Radio. "If not for AVALAR, World Talk Radio would never have succeeded, much less been in this fortunate position. The shareholders, numerous hosts, and I all hold AVALAR in deep appreciation for the services, hard work and dedication they have provided to make World Talk Radio the success that it is today."

About World Talk Radio

World Talk Radio Inc. (www.worldtalkradio.com) has over 50 regularly presented unique weekly Internet Talk Radio shows. The Company's mission is to build and maintain the leadership position in Internet talk radio and related, progressive media while providing quality programming worldwide through an ever-expanding distribution network.


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