AVALAR, Extraordinary Website Technology
10/18/2007 TalkZone.com launches Internet Talk Radio Web Site
  The Chicago-based Syndication Networks Corporation just launched their new Internet Talk Radio Station. Based on AVALAR's RadioPILOT technology platform, the new web site is a sterling example of how terristrial radio professionals can enter the Internet radio market quickly and easily. (more...)
3/8/2007 AVALAR Client Achieves Liquidity
  AVALAR Instrumental in Providing Services Making World Talk Radio Ripe for Acquisition

Avalar LLC, a web development and marketing services firm, today learned that current client World Talk Radio has been acquired by publicly-held Modovox, Inc. (more...)
5/13/2004 RadioPilot™ Internet Solution for Radio Shows and Stations Released.
  RadioPilot™, the Internet web site solution for radio stations and/or radio shows is now available for licensing. (more...)
4/5/2004 Speakers.com selects AVALAR to develop Internet web site.
  Speakers.com, the first best site on the net for finding professional public speakers has selected AVALAR to provide Internet development services as part of a completely new web site design. (more...)
8/17/2003 AVALAR Announces DairyPerformance.com and New Agriculture Venture.
  AVALAR in partnership with Agricultural Information Mangagement Inc. have opened a new web site designed to help dairy professionals improve milk production, quality, reproduction and animal health. (more...)
6/6/2003 AVALAR Launches Revolutionary PilotTools System.
  AVALAR launches the PilotTools.net system, a highly affordable web service that turns your static website into a dynamic marketing engine. (more...)
5/17/2003 AVALAR™ announces the formation of the AVALAR Foundation.
  The mission of the AVALAR Foundation is to strenghten the fabric of society by enabling worthy charitable organizations with powerful Internet marketing technology.

The foundation is actively seeking corporate sponsors and Internet service providers. (more...)
4/4/2003 AVALAR's RadioPilot™ Technology Powers World Talk Radio.
  World Talk Radio, the largest and most interesting Internet talk station, launches its new web site powered by AVALAR. Using AVALAR's RadioPilot™ radio web site engine, World Talk Radio can quickly and easily manage a radio station with over fifty live weekly shows. (more...)
4/24/2002 PaulKarasik.com web site launched.
  AVALAR is please to announce the grand opening of Paul Karasik's web site. This is the first web site to make use of AVALAR's new SpeakerSites technology. (more...)
4/14/2002 Avalar selected to develop new Milk Lab web site and application.
  Avalar will develop a new web site and Internet application in conjunction with Agricultural Information Systems and DQCI Services, Inc. The project will provide timely feedback and analysis of milk testing results to dairy farmers.
10/29/2001 Electric Roadhouse Selects Avalar, Inc. to Provide Web Development Services
  Radio Broadcast Company Develops Supporting Web Site

Electric Roadhouse, Inc. announced today that it has chosen Avalar, Inc. as its web development services firm. A web development consulting firm, Avalar, Inc. will develop the web site which will support Electric Roadhouse, Inc.'s college and commercial radio show programs. (more...)
9/8/2001 Referral Coach International selects Avalar to host, manage and maintain their web site.
  Avalar begins management, maintenance and hosting of the www.referralcoach.com website. The web site features products and service provided by Bill Cates, the Referral Coach. (more...)
6/1/2001 Avalar develops custom web site for Corporate Relocation News
  Avalar has completed a comprehensive dynamic web site for Corporate Reseller News (CRNnews). The web site is packed with features including timely news stories, conference descriptions and registration.

All of the web site content is easily managed with AVALAR's SitePilot content management system. (more...)
5/14/2001 AVALAR Announces InfoSites
  AVALAR today announced the introduction of 'InfoSites', the new Internet technology for the creation of basic web sites. This affordable entry-level service allows businesses to create a highly professional web presence with minimal effort and cost.

'InfoSites' are an attractive solution for new businesses to get started on the web when resources are scarce. For existing businesses that haven't yet made the jump to the web, 'InfoSites' provides a simple step for getting started with a migration path to a full featured web site.

Like all web sites developed by AVALAR, 'InfoSites' utilize the SitePilot™ interface for quick and easy updates without using a web developer.