AVALAR, Extraordinary Website Technology
Technology Components
       AVALAR's web site customers may choose from a multitude of leading-edge technologies and capabilities. Here a just a few of the web site components that can be employed on your project:
Members Area Create a 'members only' section of your web site that is password protected. You choose how your customers gain access to this area, either by paying a fee, supplying a code word or simply by leaving their personal information (name & email address). You create and update content in real-time with SitePilot™, our easy-to-use web site control interface.
Lead Generation Use your web site as a powerful marketing tool. AVALAR provides techniques to collect contact information for potential customers in a positive, friendly way. Then start building lasting relationships with your prospects to convert them into repeat customers.

Free Stuff: Convert a web site visitor to a sales prospect with the 'Free Stuff' section on your web site. Your content provides real value, so serious prospects won't mind giving you their contact information for the ability to access it.

Send this to a friend: Help your customers spread the word about your web site. With 'Send this to a friend' your web site visitors will promote your web site to others. Specific content areas of your web site can be enabled to allow visitors to generate an email to one or many others. This email contains all or part of the content item with links enticing them to visit your site themselves.

Banner ad creation and placement: Properly placed banner ads help you to attract qualified visitors. Banner ads can be employed for cooperative marketing efforts with other web sites or for a full-blown Internet advertising campaign. AVALAR can help you distill your key marketing messages into an animated graphic that will provoke attention.

Search Engines: AVALAR can help you submit your web site into Internet search engines andconfigure your web site to allow search engine spiders to properly catalog your web site for maximum exposure.
E-commerce Your business may be suitable for e-commerce transactions. You may want to supplement your 'brick and mortar' business by providing a web interface for existing customers -- or -- you may be want to create a web-based store. AVALAR has a solution to fit just about any need. With our component technology we can configure an e-commerce enabled web site for you.

Product Catalog: Use our multi-level product catalog engine to present your products in a compelling manner. No matter the size of your catalog we can make an easy-to-use system for your web site.

Shopping Cart: The shopping cart allows your customers to build a multi-product order while browsing the product catalog. The check-out process calculates appropriate tax and shipping while collecting the requisite customer and payment information.

Payment Processing: We can configure a payment solution that is right for you. We support all major credit cards and electronic checks through a variety of Internet gateways. For low volume processing we can deliver the payment information for transaction using traditional means. We also support new and emerging payment methods such as PayPal.

Referral Tracking: Referral Tracking provides a means for you to measure and compensate other Internet web sites for bringing sales to your web site. This systems allows you to register other web sites as referral partners. When visitors link from the partner web site their visit is recorded and any resulting sales are tracked. Compensation for the referring web site is calculated based upon a predetermined and agreed scheme.
Multimedia Content AVALAR has the experience and expertise to help you create and deliver a rich multimedia experience to your target audience. We provide a full solution from developing initial concepts, art and media creation and then deliver via web, email or other physical media formats.

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of Internet formats and delivery mechanisms including Real Media, Windows Media, Flash and Java base streaming. Take a look at our Real Media Audio Demo and Flash Demo.
Assessments and Surveys Assessments are interactive content modules that provide valuable learning to your web site visitors. Structured as a short quiz, your visitor answers a series of questions and then is given feedback about their answers. Assessments help to demonstrate your expertise in a given area and at the same time help to provide valuable insights to your customers. Assessments can also be used as a tool to generate new visitors and customer leads if linked on other web sites.

Here is an example of an assessment developed by AVALAR for Abe WalkingBear Sanchez, an expert in the area of managing accounts receivables.

Assessments can be customized with various color schemes and graphics. This system can be adapted for various uses such as a building block for an on-line learning system. Building assessments is easy using our SitePilot interface.

Surveys provide an effective means of getting valuable feedback from your customers and web site visitors. Similar to the assessments module, the survey is a series of questions designed to gauge customer satisfaction and can be employed either on the web site or through an email promotion effort.
Store Locator Do you have multiple retail outlets? Is your product distributed to multiple locations? With our store locator feature your customers can enter their zip code, and our proximity engine determines which of your locations are near by.
Mobile Browser Support If you have specific needs to deliver content to the emerging community of connected hand-held devices, AVALAR has a solution. We can adapt your web site to present a 'mobile friendly' format for browsers running on hand-held devices. By removing or modifying non-essential graphics and reformatting your content, we can easily create a compelling Internet experience for the mobile community. All without sacrificing any performance or features for the traditional web site visitor.
Customized Usage Reports AVALAR can provide usage statistics tailored to your needs. We can provide overview information about how many visitors come to the web site -- or -- detailed information about when and where specific members access the web site.